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Innoaesthetics – products that inspire

Innoaesthetics is a manufacturer brand that is known for high-quality and innovative products. Thanks to the generous range of different remedies, Innoaesthetics can be used to correct various physical changes of aging so that you can regain your old youth.

Treatment with Innoaesthetics

The individual Innoaesthetics are always preparations that are injected with a pre-filled syringe. The injection is made directly into the skin at the problem area. After the respective area has been disinfected in advance, the injections can already be made. A pre-filled syringe allows multiple injections.

Are there side effects with Innoaesthetics?

As with other treatments against wrinkles, cellulite or fat deposits, injections with Innoaesthetics can also cause slight reddening at the puncture site. Even small bruises or small hematomas directly at the puncture site are not uncommon and can be slightly painful when pressure is applied. A slight itching may also occur shortly after the treatment.

However, the Innoaesthetics products are considered to be particularly safe and very well tolerated by the body. All the side effects mentioned disappear within a few days.

Which areas can be treated with Innoaesthetics?

At Jolifill you will find a large range of different products from the manufacturer brand Innoaesthetics, which can be used for different areas of the body and can work locally against wrinkles, cellulite, hair loss and the like.

Innoaesthetics has a wide range of products that includes aesthetic mesotherapy products and skin care products suitable for both doctors and consumers.

Innoaesthetics Mesotherapy offers high-quality transdermal solutions to prevent and treat signs of aging and other skin problems on both the face and body. All products contain unique combinations of active ingredients that penetrate the stratum corneum and reach the deeper layers of the skin. As a result, the active ingredients are released at the desired location. All solutions can be used with mesotherapy, micro-needling or derma-roller to achieve the best results.

Innoaesthetics delivers visible and natural results immediately from the first session, with no downtime. The solutions are made without preservatives and are sterile.

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