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Teosyal: Hyaluronic Dermal filler by Teoxane

Teoxane Laboratories, which was founded in 2003 and is therefore quite young, is located in the aesthetic medicine and skin care market and, with Teosyal, has a dermal filler brand based on hyaluronic acid in its range. Available in over 80 countries, the Teosyal products hold a pioneering position in the industry and of course should not be missing from our shop.

The Teosyal Classic product range – high-quality hyaluronic acid fillers for natural results

The successful Teosyal Classic series knows how to convince professional users with its sensibly composed products and their effectiveness. Here you will find these items from the Classic product line:

Teosyal Ultimate: Versatile hyaluron filler with a strong effect

The Teosyal Ultimate pre-filled syringes are specially made to increase volume and restore facial contours. Areas of skin that will benefit from an application of the product include the temples, eyebrows and rings, cheeks, nose, marionette and mandibular lines, chin and backs of hands.

Teosyal Product Details:

  • A 3.0 ml pre-filled syringe
  • 23G 1 cannulas
  • Hyaluronic acid concentration: 22 mg/ml

Teosyal Ultra Deep: Correcting and accentuating with hyaluronic acid

With the Teosyal Ultra Deep Hyaluron injections, the facial contours can be effectively restored and accentuated, which works wonderfully in the area of ​​the cheeks, eyebrows and chin, for example. The product is also suitable for correcting deep wrinkles (including thickened skin) and slight ptosis.

Teosyal PureSense – tried and tested hyaluron filler with lidocaine

The Teosyal PureSense series includes products from the Classic product range with a small but subtle difference: The PureSense pre-filled syringes are filled with 0.3% lidocaine, which makes the treatment more comfortable for the patient – because it is painless. These Teosyal PureSense products are available in our shop:

  • Teosyal PureSense Ultimate
  • Teosyal PureSense Ultra Deep
  • Teosyal PureSense Kiss
  • Teosyal PureSense Global Action
  • Teosyal PureSense Deep Lines

The Teosyal RHA products – innovative hyaluronic acid fillers for professional users

The fact that Teoxane does not lack innovative spirit was recently proven with the release of the Teosyal RHA product series. With a patented process, the hyaluron molecules are networked with each other in such a way that their valuable natural properties are retained. In the three-dimensional network created in this way, the molecular chains can arrange themselves independently and freely, which has a positive effect on the durability and viscoelasticity of the hyaluron filler. These innovative Teosyal RHA dermafillers are part of our shop’s range

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