What formulation of juvederm comes WITHOUT lidocaine and preservatives? In The USA, Canada, UK and Europe


What formulation of juvederm comes WITHOUT lidocaine and preservatives? I’m thinking of smoothing the bump on my nose and have concerns about product ingredients. A few years ago, I had an allergic reaction when having a mole removed.After consulting an allergist, He recommended I avoid local anesthetics and preservatives if at all possible. This will be my first experience with any cosmetic injectible. Thank you!



Both Juvederm and Restylane come with or without lidocaine.  True Lidocaine allergy is very rare.  But if you do have an allergy to lidocaine then you can try the Juvederm Ultra not the Juvederm Ultra XC or you can try Restylane instead of Restylane-L.  Now in Europe the companies market these same fillers often under different names.  For example I had a patient come into my office with boxes of either Juvederm I or II or II.  He asked me if I would inject those for him and I politely refused because these are European brands and not FDA approved in the U.S. although they are the same fillers essentially.  Make sure you know what you are getting injected into your nose. 

Most people who tell me they are allergic to numbing medicine tell me they are allergic to “epinephrine” because their hearts raced and beat fast while getting injected at their dentist’s office.  That is most likely not a true allergy and a side effect of epinephrine getting injected directly into a blood vessel.  Now you said your issue was with a mole removal.  Hard to say what the issue was.  You could have been allergic to the ointment or suture or cleaning solution or the lidocaine and I hope your allergist tested you for all of that.  If you have lots of allergies to ingredients, its probably best to avoid injections of juvederm anyway or at least try a “test patch” somewhere on your arm or back before you get it injected in your nose.

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